Blockchain Platforms/DAPPS Review: on Twitter @bitbacker_io

Recently, I was invited to check out a new website called a website that allows viewers, sponsors and pledges to do so via cryptocurrency (currently BTC and BCH with more to come). Unlike YouTube which takes a percentage of the funds (up to 25%) that a content creator receives via the YouTube SuperChat, BitBacker takes only 1% and the content creators keep the rest.

The interface is fairly simple, after creating an account, go to your PowerChat feed and enter the share link from your streaming service of choice (make sure to press update). So far, the streams I’ve seen have been from YouTube but I’m hoping to see content creators from Twitch or Mixer soon as the platform becomes more known. The interface shows you the number of sponsors and pledges you currently have and the content that is streamed appears in your feed, here is Naomi Brockwell’s feed as an example: Naomi Brockwell

The hardest part of using BitBacker actually had nothing to do with the site but with setting my YouTube channel up for live streaming. I’ve yet to run into any major issues with BitBacker, the only issue I’ve had so far is the fact that the computer I was using is not good for live streaming and the stream does not come through as well as I would like it to but that should be resolved with a few upgrades.

What I also like about BitBacker is their team is very responsive on social media. When I had a question, they responded quickly and stayed in the DM until my issue was resolved.

I recommend checking out if you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast who wants to keep the majority of the funds you earn from creating content that people want to watch and more importantly if you want those funds to be in crypto.

If you would like to try for yourself please follow this link and I’ll see you there:

Take Care…

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