Why You Should Use A Password Manager

We live in a time where we pass through hundreds if not thousands of websites every year, many of which we have accounts on to either tailor our experience, purchase goods and services or conduct business through. For most of us, trying to remember the login/passwords for all of these sites is next to impossible. This is where password managers come in.

Password managers allow users to store all of their passwords (and the websites associated) in one place. Products like Dashlane, LastPass and 1Password are popular.

With a password manager, the users only need to remember one password, a master password that unlocks their vault of passwords. Instead of remembering hundreds of passwords, the user only needs to use one.

Now, this does not absolve the user from using password diligence. Remember, this master password unlocks all of your other passwords so, Letmein is highly unrecommended.

Passwords should be no less than ten characters and include upper case and special characters. Keep this password in a safe place or better yet, memorize it. And for the love of everything you hold dear



More and more mobile devices come with either fingerprint or facial recognition and will open the vault with this method but this does not mean the user does not have to choose a strong password.

Enabling 2FA on the password manager will provide added security.

Remember: The greatest threat to Cyber Security is laziness.

Take care.




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