PewDiePie Moving to Decentralized Platform DLive

In a move that is sure to ripple through the streaming world, YouTube star PewDiePie has announced* he is moving to the decentralized site DLive to post his content and as you can see from this screenshot, PewDiePie is front and center on the site.


DLive, as opposed to YouTube, takes zero percent of user donations or subscription membership cost, making DLive a tempting alternative to the steaming powerhouse.

Quoting from the website:

“When you stream on DLive, the platform doesn’t take any of your earnings, whether that’s a recurring subscription or a one-time gift, compared to traditional platforms that take roughly 50%. That is never going to change. 90.1% of each subscription and gift will go to your wallet directly, and 9.9% will go to a pool that rewards people with Locked LINO Points for their contributions to the network on a daily basis.”

As we see more and more decentralized applications and platforms offering streaming and viewer content, will we see a mass migration to these crypto-based sites or may we see platforms like YouTube and Twitch support cryptocurrency on their platforms?

Stay Tuned

Jason Nelson


*DLive. “PewDiePie Forges First Exclusive Livestreaming Partnership with DLive.” PR Newswire: Press Release Distribution, Targeting, Monitoring and Marketing, 9 Apr. 2019,

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