Dragonchain Ticks Up

Dragonchain (DRGN) has seen a 1.05% ($0.11) up tick in the last 24 hours after the company was awarded the Eastside Small Business Award by the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce.

Dragonchain made its name during the 2017 bull run due to originating in a Walt Disney Company incubator. But when the Crypto market crashed in December 2017, Dragonchain like many small ICOs went silent or were ignored for bigger names like Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP.

Which is what makes the news of the uptick interesting, Dragonchain has been off the crypto news radar for sometime but has continued to grow their brand in the blockchain space instead of trying to compete with the likes of Bitcoin, Litecoin and XRP but seeing continued interest in the space.

Last month Dragonchain partnered with M2030, a humanitarian organization APLMA (Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance) to help fight malaria by providing blockchain related services.

Shirly Roets, President of Dragonchain Foundation said in a statement “This partnership will eliminate barriers commonly faced by humanitiarian groups and leverage blockchain’s unique funcationality to support M2030’s goal”.

Dragonchain has also introduced the Dragonchain Academy where students can learn about blockchain technology, specifically Dragonchain’s blockchain, and earn certificates for completing courses.

Dragonchain may not be the first name in cryptocurrency but they are going to try and be the first name in blockchain technology.

Time will tell.

Take Care,

Jason Nelson


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