Strange Angel Review, Season 1


We are going to leave the world of Technology and Cryptocurrency behind for a moment and talk about one of my favorite new shows, Strange Angel.

Strange Angel is the fictionalized story of John Whiteside Parsons aka Jack Parsons. Rocket Scientist, Occultist, and American Pioneer, based on the book “Strange Angel” by George Pendle.

When we first meet Jack, played by Jack Reynor, he is working for a powder company by day and by night building and (attempting to) launch rockets with his friend and partner, Richard Onsted, played by Peter Mark Kendall, who is a student at the California Institute of Technology also known as CalTech. Jack’s wife Susan, is played by the amazing Bella Heathcote.

The Parsons meet their new and strange neighbor, Ernest Donovan, who introduces Jack and in turn Susan to the religion of Thelema and it’s creed:


This creed drives Jack to push forward on his quest to make rocketry a reality and a part of the scientific landscape, not just the work of fiction. Ernest, ever-present acts as a guide/mentor/tormentor to Jack and Susan, testing them on various levels, all the while finding his own path.

Susan’s journey during the first season is interesting because it shows her going from a devout Catholic to a member of Thelema, why this journey is important is because it shows that Susan was looking for something, for answers that she could not find in The Church but was able to find in Thelema.

As the season progresses, Jack’s quest begins to bear fruit as doors begin to open, both in the scientific community as well as the military as the United States prepares for World War II.

A point that the show does make that should not be overlooked is how those who surround the characters deal with their involvement with Thelema. For example, Ernest’s wife Maggie, played by Elena Satine who has been a part of Thelema Agape Lodge which Ernest belongs may only be doing so because her husband wants to and not because she does.

Also, it is hinted that Susan’s relationship with her father has a dark backstory which hopefully will be addressed in the second season but which did spur Susan to get involved with the Lodge.

If you are a fan of American History, Los Angeles History, and the Occult, you may just enjoy Strange Angel.

Season 2 begins June 13th, 2019 on CBS All Access. Season 1 available to purchase on iTunes.


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