Strange Angel Season 2: Episode 2 – The Magus

As the episode opens we are back at the Parsonage, the new home of the Agape Lodge. Ernest (played by Rupert Friend) having returned to Los Angeles is detailing his journeys since leaving Los Angeles at the end of season one to the Magus.

When the Magus (played by Greg Wise) brings Ernest to the group and says he should stay, Jack would have none of it and that the Parsonage is his house to which the Magus reminds Jack (played by Jack Reynor) that since inviting the Agape into the mansion, it is now their home. Love is the Law, the Magus says and the group repeats, Jack finally saying Love is the Law.

Patty and The Magus are central figures in this episode as they both pursue their respective objectives, Jack and Susan. Patty (played by Laine Neil) snoops around the house, taking in the new residence, finding herself in the Magus’ quarters she finds a large chest with strange symbols inscribed on it, but before she can open it, the Magus finds her.

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When we find Richard, he is searching for Marisol’s (played by Veronica Osorio) family, intent on asking her father’s blessing to marry her, the reception he receives is less than he had hoped for and when Marisol finds out that Richard has gone to see her family, she is less than pleased.

At the same time, the military and the rocketeers are viewing footage of a V2 Rocket being launched, realizing the Germans are far ahead of where they need to be but hope arrives in the form of a POW who helps the team by detailing the missile location, providing information on the facilities the missiles are made and most importantly what the fuel smells like.

Meanwhile, Patty has begun working at Aerojet with Jack. She is flirtatious and rubs some of the employees the wrong way by wearing stockings that are currently being rationed because of the war. Jack notices a car parked across the street and it appears he is being followed.

Back at the Parsonage, Patty has found what was inside the box hidden in the Magus’ room, it was filled with the audio recording of sessions the Magus has had with the members of the Lodge. Patty, attempting to drive a wedge between Jack and Susan, let’s Jack hear the conversations between Susan and the Magus.

During all of this, Susan (played by Bella Heathcote) are growing closer. The Magus encouraging Susan to participate in the Yoga sessions with with group and flirting with Susan as she prepares a meal.

Ernest has joined into an unholy alliance with Susan and Patty’s father Virgil to bring down the Lodge, particularly Jack by recording the names of the Lodge members and goings on and reporting back to Virgil. During his time away from Los Angeles, Ernest has become a Heroin addict and in attempting to get close to Jack, introduces him to the drug.

After his first experience, Jack finds himself in a diner where he meets Aleister Crowley (played by Angus McFadyen) going under an assumed name, who claims to be working for “King and Country” and who appears to be the person following Jack. Crowley explains to him that they must work together and act against the forces of evil but due to the effects of the drugs Jack and Ernest took, Jack is not certain that Crowley is actually there.

Back at Aerojet, a disheveled Jack barges in triumphant, he was able to figure out what the fuel type the German Scientist was using for the V2s, Richard shows Jack and article that the British Air Force bombed a German research facility. Jack sees this as a confirmation of his Will, Richard is not so sure.

Later, the time had come for the Lodge to decide if Ernest could stay. Jack upset at the secret records the Magus has been keeping challengers him when the Magus says they should expel Ernest after finding Ernest and Jack getting high and surmising that the visions Ernest has been seeing may be chemical in nature.

At this point, Jack and Patty have grown closer, which you can see as Patty takes her seat next to Jack opposite Susan. The Magus is outvoted and Ernest is allowed to stay.

The episode ends with a outdoor ceremony at the Parsonage; Patty with Jack’s support has become a member of the Agape Lodge, whether or not purely to annoy her sister remains to be seen, Susan is not pleased by the situation. The Mass is then followed by an orgy at which point Jack and Susan decide to take over lovers, perhaps in a foretelling of future events…

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