Strange Angel: Season 2, Episode 4 – The Wheel of Fortune Recap

The episode beings with as Susan was remembering the ceremony she and The Magus performed at the end of the last episode. An intense ritual which included being suspended by ropes from the ceiling. Susan is brought back to the present by the arrival of a disheveled Jack.

Downstairs, Ernest is confessing to the group about Virgil’s plot to kill Jack. Elsewhere, Virgil and Mrs. Van Buren are holding a fundraiser for a local politician. Virgil attempts to convince the politician to go after the Agape Lodge and that they should not be allowed to use the 1st Amendment (The Agape Lodge has filed to become a church) to mask their “deviancy.”

Back at the Parsonage, Jack and Susan argue whether or not to give up their home to the Agape. At the same time, Ernest has prepared a large breakfast for the group, and everyone is keen to hear about the “Angel” that possessed Jack and stopped Ernest.

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Later, we find Jack and the Rocketeers preparing to test their newest rocket. After a successful launch, Jack speaks to himself, “there is no other god but me.”

At the Parsonage, Ernest and Alfred are conducting a session. Alfred is skeptical of what Ernest saw and of Jack’s claims. Across town, Marisol is discussing an audition with a fellow waitress at the restaurant she works. When a group of soldiers walks in, Marisol becomes distracted.

Ernest has gathered some of the group together to plant a victory garden as a thank you to Jack and Susan as well as the “angel” who appeared to Ernest.

At the offices of the Aerojet Corporation, Patty is sharing stories of Thelema with the ladies of the office. Jack is not pleased, but Patty tells him that if they have an army of believers, no one can stop them.

When we next find Suan and Alfred (The Magus), they are at City Hall waiting to file paper on the Agape. Susan is apprehensive because she feels like she is betraying Jack by signing over the house in his name. Alfred attempts to calm her worries, but Susan certain she is betraying her husband. Alfred tried to explain to Susan that what she is feeling in the guilt that Virgil instilled in her to try and control her. Alfred also reveals the conversation he and Jack had about Alfred and Susan…interacting…which Alfred was happy to ignore. They are interrupted by a secretary who tells them; the paperwork is on hold pending an investigation.

At the Church, Virgil and Ernest meet to discuss their plans. Virgil admits he is relieved that Ernest didn’t kill Jack. Ernest tells Virgil that he must be careful when fighting monsters, lest he becomes one.

That night Richard meets Marisol outside of her apartment. He expresses his love for her and shows her the ring he bought for her. Richard apologies for going to see Marisol’s family behind her back but Marisol turns him away, giving back the ring and walking away.

Back at the Parsonage, the situation is becoming intense as Jack and Ernest reveal their plan to take down Virgil. The group, rightly upset. Jack tries to convince them that using Ernest at trial to unravel the case against them and embarrass Virgil, is the best course of action. Susan, instead of wanting to embarrass Virgil, wants him to pay.

In their room, Jack and Susan argue over Susan forging Jack’s signature and her plan with Alfred. Susan believes that Jack is playing a dangerous game with Ernest.

The next morning, Jack and Chang find Richard (uses drugs) in the office writing up a proposal for a new facility, where they can begin building intercontinental missiles. Back at Marisol’s restaurant, her brother and father come in to talk about the past.

Out at the test site, the Rocketeers discuss with General Braxton the establishment of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory which General Braxton jokingly calls Jack Parsons’ Laboratory. Richard tells the General to consider it a downpayment on the future of the country.

Later that day, Marisol meets Richard at his home. She tells him the story of her father cheating on her mother and the fear that she would become like her father. They make up as Richard tells Marisol, they do not have to be like everyone else.

That night, Susan confronts Ernest and tells him if he wants to atone, he needs to teach Virgil about shame. Back at the Parsonage, Jack and Alfred discuss Ernest and his wanting to cross the abyss. Alfred confronts Jack about his claim of summoning an angel. Jack confronts Alfred about conspiring with Susan to steal the Parsonage from him.

Across town, Virgil sits alone in his office when Ernest walks in. Ernest attacks Virgil and nails Virgil’s hand to his desk. Susan overjoyed hurries to Alfred’s room where they make love, which Jack overhears. Enraged, Jack goes to Patty and tells her to gather the group where they perform a ceremony over Ernest.

Back at Virgil’s office, the DA finds Virgil who ask him to call the police; the DA tells Virgil that probably wouldn’t be a good idea as he promptly leaves. Ask Virgil cries for him to come back; we see behind him that Ernest has painted in blood on the wall, Child Rapist.

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