Strange Angel: Season 2, Episode 6 Recap – The Tower

As the episode begins, newsreel footage of a V2 rocket attack carried out by the Germans in the waning days of World War 2.

The footage cuts away to the Parsonage where we see the remains of the explosion caused by Ernest, the lodge members gathered in meditation and being taken to be questioned by the Police.

At the precinct, we see the Lodge begin to come apart as fingers point at each other for blame. At the same time, the citizens of Pasadena are protesting the Lodge being lead by Virgil and his group on “concerned citizens.”

An officer reports to the detective in charge the only body they found was of a goat and that the blast probably incinerated Ernest. The Police find Alred’s recordings of the sessions with the Lodge members and arrest several members for admitting to crimes they have committed.

Back at the Parsonage, Alfred holds a ceremony for Ernest. While in the library, Jack and Susan discuss Susan’s relationship with Alfred. Susan tells Jack that she is not in love with Alfred as Jack heads to the office. He and Patty had to drive through the mob of angry citizens.

At the offices of Aerojet, Jack finds out that Wallace has revoked his security clearance and General Braxton, the reason due to having an all be it former Nazi, (Brigitte) under his roof. Agent Warren tells Jack if he wants reinstatement, he needs to arrange a meeting between Warren and Aleister Crowley. Richard gets up to leave, and when Jack ask where he is going, he closes the door without a word.

That night, Marisol is packing Richard’s suitcase, and they discuss Aleister Crowley. Richard says Crowley could be working with the enemy to which Marisol says, she does not know about that, but she does know Crowley is someone you do not want to cross. Marisol shows Richard a letter that she received from “Crowley” threatening her after leaving Thelema if she revealed anything about it.

The next day, the arrested members of the Lodge (Brigitte, Joan, Angela, Sam, Joseph and Walter who was attacked while in jail) are being charged and one by one taken away while Jack, Susan, Patty, Alfred, and Alice looked on.

It should not be overlooked that one of the crimes that Walter is charged with is Miscegenation, which is defined as marriage, cohabitation, or sexual intercourse between a white person and a member of another race (see below).

Outside, Patty confronts her parents, telling them she has a new home and family. Virgil says “one of fornicators and murders” to which Patty responds “you’re capable of human sacrifice, what’s one more?” and walk away.

Sometime later, we find Richard and the Rocketeers in London investing a V2 impact site. They are met by a British Agent (Sebastian Roché) who take them inside one of the buildings to a fully preserved V2 rocket that British Intelligence has begun taking apart. The Rocketeers know they need Jack, but the military has sidelined him.

Back at Aerojet, Jack is in his office sulking. Patty comes in and tells Jack that she does not like his new look, the look of failure. As she turns to leave, Patty tells Jack that he needs to figure out what he needs to do to win and then do it.

Across town at the Parsonage, Susan slips into a warm bath, her relaxation is interrupted by sharp pain and erratic movement coming from her stomach as blood fills the tub just as Susan awakes from her nightmare and becomes sick.

Jack goes to see Crowley and tells him that he needs to meet with Wallace so that he can get his clearance back. Crowley tells Jack he is essential to the Great Work and that the war is a blood sacrifice. Crowley tells Jack that other governments would pay mightily for his knowledge. He hands Jack a business card with “Soviet Travel Bureau” printed on it, telling Jack to meet him there. As he walks away, Crowley says, “the man of Will, breaks all boundaries.”

The next day Susan and Alice are conducting a working to determine if Susan is pregnant. Alice injects a fluid into a frog and tells Susan that if the frog lays eggs, it’s a sign that Susan is pregnant. Back in London, Richard asks if transport can be made into the city.

In Pasadena, Jack tells Wallace where Jack is meant to meet Crowley. Wallace and his mean arms themselves telling Jack, Crowley may need convincing. At the Soviet Travel Bureau, Jack approaches Crowley just as Wallace and his men round the corner, Crowley sees them and races into an elevator.

Back in London, Richard goes into a dilapidated building, as Jack and the agent race after Crowley. In London, Richard goes to a door and knocks; a man answers the door, Richard shows him a letter and ask to see the man who wrote it, telling the man he is a friend of Jack Parsons.

In Pasadena, the agents pounce on Crowley as he exits the elevator, but it isn’t Crowley at all. In London, Richard comes face to face with the real Aleister Crowley.

As Crowley is injecting himself with drugs, Richard tries to introduce himself.

He asks if he knows Jack, who Crowley calls Frater JP. Crowley knows about Richard and Jack, but Richard deduces that Jack and Crowley have never met. Richard asks Crowley to help clear Jack’s name, which Crowley laughs off. Richard offers Crowley a supply of drugs if he agrees to help Richard, help Jack.

Back in Los Angeles, Jack is nursing his drug habit as he waits for Wallace outside of his office. Across town, Alfred goes to the Police and offers them a big catch if they would let the Lodge members go. Alfred offers himself in their place.

At the Parsonage, Susan goes to open the box with the frog. But before she can open the box the doorbell rings. Susan rushes downstairs to see the returned Lodge members. Joan stands silent in the doorway as Susan ask where Alfred is

Richard radios to Aerojet and tells Jack and Wallace that he meet Crowley and has a signed affidavit that he has been in London the whole time. Jack says that’s impossible, and he was supposed to meet Crowley. Reaching in his pocket to retrieve the Soviet Travel Beareu card, Jack instead reveals one of his Aerojet business cards.

Wallace tells Jack, “I thought you were dangerous, turns out you’re just delusional.”

Susan goes to the Police Department to see Alfred. Susan asks why did he not tell her what he was doing. Alfred said she built a beautiful home of love and trust, and he violated that trust.

Susan asked if Alfred made those recordings for Crowley. Alfred said that Crowley wanted a way to know his congregation, even if he could not meet them in the flesh.

Alfred says he takes full responsibility. Susan says he has another responsibility as she places his hands on her stomach.

Back at the Parsonage, Jack finds the frog and its eggs.

Jack goes to Patty’s room and asks where Susan is; Patty says she went to see Alfred, that she had something important to tell him. Jack tells Patty that he sees things, things others don’t. Patty tells Jack that Jack is a visionary and that she believes in him. She tells Jack to tell her what he wants and then kisses Jack. Patty tells Jack, “I want it all” as they kiss, undress and have sex as the episode comes to a close.


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