Strange Angel, Recap: Season 2, Episode 7 – Aeon

As the episode opens, we see the men of Aerojet and the military discussing the new Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Everyone is there, except for Jack, who is at home in his lab, making drugs. Outside, Joan is preparing to leave as the other members of the lodge who remain see her off. At Aerojet, Agent Wallace is furious that Richard has included Jack in the paperwork for JPL. Back at the Parsonage, Susan is working on Alfred’s appeal; Patty comes in to tell Susan that Virgil called and that he is worried that Susan and Jack are going to lose the house, after which Susan experiences another bout of morning sickness. Outside, Jack is attempting to drive out the vision of Crowley that has come to see him. Could it be all in Jack’s head, or has Crowley come to see him through Astral Projection?

Jack and Richard are discussing Jack’s involvement with JPL.
Richard tells Jack that Richard managed to convince Braxton and Wallace to include him in JPL and that he received a psychiatric evaluation. Richard tells Jack that either he takes the review or Jack is taken off the project for good.
As Jack storms out, a carrier delivers Marisol a telegram from the United States Army with terrible news.

Susan and their lawyer visit Alfred in Prison, the lawyer tells Alfred that even with good behavior, he may still be in prison for five years. Alfred says that this is a witchhunt to which the lawyer tells them that the court will try and make an example of him. After their lawyer leaves, Alfred tells Susan that he loves her, and she returns the sentiment.
Susan tells Alfred that he will still have a home when he gets of prison, Alfred asks if that is all Alfred will have as saying the guard he and Susan are finished.
Back at the Parsonage, Jack and Susan sit in the bathroom as Susan again feels sick. Susan tells Jack that she thinks that this could be a new chapter for them and that they could be a family. Jack takes her hand and tells Susan that they could try while having a vision of his night in bed with Patty.

Later, at the Aerojet offices, Jack is having his evaluation with the military psychiatrist. The answers Jack gives are questionable.
The psychiatrist does not mark the exam’s responses as Jack gives them, indicating that he does not believe what Jack is telling him.
Aleister Crowley appears in the room with Jack and asks Jack, “are these the people you betrayed me for?”

Back in Jack’s office, Patty suggests turning the Parsonage into a proper boarding house, so that even if Aerojet does not work out, they have a place to live.
Jack tells Patty that what happened between them can not happen again, that he is going to be a father and needs to act responsibly. Patty tells Jack that nothing he has was because he was responsible, why start now.
Marisol, Richard, and her family hold a vigil for her brother killed in battle. Marisol wishes that her brother could see them all together; it was all he wanted.
Marisol’s father tells Richard that Richard has his blessing to marry Marisol. Richard tells him that they no longer need his consent because Richard and Marisol decided they will not be getting married. Marisol’s father tells Richard he hopes he can hang on to her.
Back at the Parsonage, the group is sitting down to dinner. Patty walks into the dining room wearing Susan’s red dress, telling her that she won’t be able to fit into it much longer. “I thought we shared everything in this house,” Patty says, looking at Jack as she sits down. Susan becomes ill and leaves the table; Jack follows.
Susan asks Jack if anything happened between Jack and Patty. Susan is furious that Jack slept with Patty, telling him anyone else but her. Susan comes into Patty’s room and tells Patty that she needs to leave.
Patty tells Susan that she was following her Will and that the man Susan truly loves is in prison. Patty then says to Susan she has an idea on how to get Alfred out of jail.
The next morning Richard and Marisol are listening to the radio, Richard seems distracted and tells Marisol he is worried about Jack’s results. Richard ask Marisol about the night of the vigil with her father, Marisol says to Richard she never understood before but does now, that’s its good to know someone is going to be there for you no matter what.
At the Parsonage, Virgil and Mabel come to visit. Susan takes their mother into the garden as Virgil goes to meet Patty in the library. Susan asked her mother how she could continue pretending like nothing is wrong? Susan’s mother responds that she has lost both of her children; maybe one day, Susan will know what it is like to be a mother.
In the library, Virgil tells Patty that everything he has done was to save her, Patty asks from who, Virgil responds from herself. Patty says to Virgil the only way she will ever step foot in his house again is if he swears never to touch her again.
At the offices of Aerojet, Jack and the Rocketeers await his results. He is of sound mind and that the delusions were caused by exhaustion, drug use, and alcohol consumption. Jack is offered an ongoing role with JPL…as, a fuel technician. General Braxton adds that the military could not, in good conscience, leave Jack in a position of authority.
Jack then asks who will run JPL to which Agent Wallace responds, Mr. Onsted, who else?
Jack is furious as he walks out of the meeting, he looks for Patty, someone who would be on his side, Richard tells Jack that Richard is on Jack’s side just as Crowley appears and tells Jack, Richard has been looking to push him out from the start.
As the military comes out, Jack tells the assembled, he doesn’t need to be apart of JPL, he still runs Aerojet, and they don’t need the military, Jack tells Richard they need to turn their attention back to the stars and not building weapons of war.
Jack tries to explain to Richard that the military will eventually turn on him, too, to which Richard responds by asking Jack how much he wants for his company’s share. Braxton tells Jack the military won’t do business with Aerojet with Jack in charge.
Jack walks out, saying, “the new Aeon is upon us, and it is necessary to defend freedom unless we all wish to be slaves.”
Later, Virgil and Mabel go to the police station. The detective tells them a package and that some new evidence has come to light. The kit contains a recording of Virgil and Patty, of Virgil confessing to molesting Patty.
Virgil tries to make excuses, but the detective and Mabel are not having any of it. Mabel refuses to leave with Virgil and slaps him across the face. Mabel goes to make a sworn statement against Virgil, who is arrested for rape.
The next day, Jack is sitting on a hilltop overlooking the new Jet Propulsion Laboratory as they test a new rocket. As the missile leaves the atmosphere, Jack inhales a line of cocaine.
Outside of the city hall, Susan shows DA Yates a copy of the local newspaper. She tells him that they did leave out the detail that Virgil was a major donor to his campaign. She says Yates has something she wants, and if he gives it to her, the story dies there.
Back at the Parsonage, Patty shows Ruth a classified ad for the new boarding house. Ruth says Patty is a clever girl with a smile to which Jack agrees.
At the same time, Susan walks in with Alfred. Alfred tells everyone he knows he needs to work to regain their trust that they need to celebrate the Agape rising from the asses and a new life, sharing a smile with Susan.
That night Jack and Susan are in their room, Jack says he was willing to be the father to which Susan responds, it will have your name, but that is all it will have, she is relieving Jack of his obligation.
As Jack and Susan lay in bed, Susan gets up and walks out of the room; she is met in the hallways by Patty, who goes into the bedroom with Jack as Susan goes to Alfred’s bedroom.
Patty tells Jack that it’s time to take what is his.
In London, Aleister Crowley receives a call from Jack, who, after receiving a sizeable offering, tells Jack that he is free to pursue his path. Jack ask Crowley if he did see him. Crowley asks Jack the only question he needs to ask if he wants to be a man or a Magus, something the projection of Crowley asked Jack before.
In prison, Virgil is showering when he is stabbed several times by an unseen assailant. As he bleeds out, he holds up the knife, one just like the knife Ernest carried.

The episode time jumps a few months into the future, Richard and Marisol have decided to marry after all. Richard’s mother arrives; she gives Richard his grandmother’s ring to give to Marisol. As Marisol’s father walks her down the aisle, we see a flash to the Parsonage where the Agape holds a ceremony of their own.

Susan, her pregnancy fully showing, has taken over the role of High Priestess to Alfred’s High Priest, while everyone, including Jack and Patty, looks on.
But all is not right in the Agape. As Alfred is concluding the ceremony, the Lodge members blow out their candles. Jack steps forward with the ceremonial dagger and declares he is claiming his mantle as Magus.
We flash between the two ceremonies as we see the Catholic communion and the Thelemic communion intertwine. As Marisol and Richard share a kiss as husband and wife, the lodge is engaging in an orgy. Susan and Alfred are not participating in the festivities downstairs, Alfred suggests going to Mexico as he intended. Susan tells Alfred if they leave, Jack wins. Jack and Patty are having sex, Jack sees figures wearing masks appearing and disappearing, and finally, Jack sees his mother standing by the door, taking in the scene. Jack sees images of space and rockets, and he and Patty become frantic.

The next morning, Jack awakens to a loud knock at the door. As Jack get up to answer, we see the house filled with bodies as the participants last night’s orgy feel asleep wherever there was space.
Jack and Patty open the door to find. L. Ron Hubbard has come in response to the classified ad for renters as the episode and season come to a close.

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