HODL Masters Golf Tournament: Bringing Crypto Together Through Golf

The Crypto market continues to be in a state of turmoil. Bitcoin having fallen below $8000 USD on October 18th, 2019 and many investors are nervous it will only get worse. But, Crypto is not dead and the community continues to thrive.

This week was Los Angeles Blockchain Week. A full week of Crypto themed events and talks around Los Angeles. Focused on Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency and most importantly, community building.

One of these events, the Hodl Masters Crypto Golf Tournament.

The tournament, held on October 14th 2019 (my birthday) and sponsored by:

Crypto Blockchain Plug
Blockchain Beach
Angelique on the Links

Organized to support Crypto Kids Camp and Blockchain education.

The golf tournament took place at the Westchester Golf Course in Westchester, California. In attendance were both local Crypto personalities, enthusiast and golf lovers.

It was a great day of fun, food and prizes in the California sun for a great cause and bringing the Crypto community together.

For more on Crypto Blockchain Plug, please visit cryptopluginglewood.com

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