Let’s Talk Crypto with Najah Roberts of Crypto Blockchain Plug

Let’s Talk Crypto with Najah Roberts of Crypto Blockchain Plug

In this episode, live from Santa Barbara Blockchain Summit, I chat with Najah Roberts Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Crypto Blockchain Plug. Crypto Blockchain Plug is a Crypto hub in Inglewood, CA near LAX Airport. Crypto Blockchain Plug is located at 614 E Manchester Blvd Inglewood, Ca

Online at https://www.cryptopluginglewood.com
On Twitter: @cryptoplug3 and @blockchain_plug

Santa Barbara Blockchain Summit took place at UC Santa Barbara. The educational panels and lectures aim to provide impactful explanations and relevant use cases to describe the value of decentralized ledger technologies. There with an emphasis on real-world examples of how blockchains can streamline legacy business processes and pave the way to a more transparent, equitable, and efficient future.

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