Let’s Talk Crypto and Music with the Coin Bros.

Let’s Talk Crypto and Music with the Coin Bros In this episode, I chat with the founders of TuneTrade.io and the team behind CoinBros. We talk crypto, TuneTrade.io, making music and the crypto space.

About CoinBros (from the CoinBros. YouTube channel) We are a “Crypto Family” and our goal is to go 100% crypto. Join us through our journey as we all adopt cryptocurrency and bring in the next big revolution.

Subscribe to the CoinBros on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2Yg5DO8 https://www.facebook.com/coinbrosmusic/


About TuneTrade.io (from the TuneTrade Website) TuneTrade is the first platform that allows creators to design a unique currency tailored directly to their own brand. We provide a suite of applications all built on blockchain technology. Built by creators, for creators.



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