The easiest way to share crypto addresses

Today I want to share with you a cool new side project from Naomi Brockwell on Twitter @naomibrockwell

If you would like to support the channel, please use my address: pronounced CoinTree is a great new way to share several crypto addresses from one location. It’s kind of like a linktree for crypto.

Supporters, fans and friends can find all of your crypto addresses in one place, and don’t have to worry about using a stale address.

It means that content creators don’t have to list every crypto address they accept on every post: they just provide their address.

And they don’t have to go back and change the addresses listed on every post and video they’ve made each time an address becomes stale. They just share their page. is easy to setup and is optimized for both desktop and mobile so you can easily input your addresses no matter the type of wallet you are using.

Some cool new features are coming soon! Sign up for today

Thank you!

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