Are you looking for crypto and blockchain writers and content creators?

Are you looking for a reporter, writer and content creator with:

  1. Over three years of experience in content creation?
  2. Knowledge of the latest tech, tools and social media platforms?
  3. Hands-on experience and knowledge of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?
  4.  Excellent written and oral communication skills?
  5.  A passion to learn and improve as a content creator?

If so, then look no further.

Hello, my name is Jason Nelson.  My content focuses on Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency, Cyber Security & Privacy but I am available to produce other content. 

I have been a content creator since 2016. Writing and producing articles on events, developments and products related to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency through my website and the associated YouTube channel.

If you would like to view samples of my work, please follow the links below:

AT&T Cyber Security

Decentralize Today

Crypto Insights Journal

Crypto Insights Journal on YouTube

I look forward to speaking with you.

Best Wishes,

Jason Nelson

Twitter: @dragonwolftech


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