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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hF6Hmw7lmwA&t=76s In this video, we look at five of the projects who have made it their business to be the blockchain & cryptocurrency solution for the cannabis industry. As the crypto/cannabis space develops more projects will emerge but these are the most known today. Data on these projects gathered from CoinMarketCap.com If you would like [...]


As stated in a recent post, there is a bill in California that would allow Cannabis businesses to pay their state taxes in Stablecoins which would go a long way towards mass adoption, the issue is as this adoption approaches, the powers that be are going to turn their attention more and more to crypto and [...]

Today is 4/20/19 when people around the world celebrated Cannabis, Hemp and Marijuana. For a long time, the question of mass adoption has made the rounds in the Cryptocurrency community. Hopes that corporations and investment institutions would see the value of getting involved with crypto has yet to pan out. But other avenues have emerged [...]