What is EscapeQR? Designing Games on The Lightning Network

In this video, I sit down with Keith Mukai, creator of Escape QR, a single player 8bit game built on the Lightning Network. We discuss the game, Bitcoin Conference 2019 and the broader Cryptocurrency space. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell so you don’t miss an episode. Thank you! You… Read More

Blockchain Based YouTube, Twitter, Facebook & Chrome Alternatives You Need To Know! #socialmedia

In this video, we look at Blockchain & Cryptocurrency based alternatives to YouTube, Patreon, Facebook & Twitter. Links to these sites are provided below. It’s recommended to backup and transfer your content to one of these sites in order to keep them safe from deplatforming and demonetization. 1. Brave Browser: https://brave.com/ 2. Minds: https://www.minds.com/ 3.… Read More

The Five Cannabis Related Cryptocurrencies You Should Know

In this video, we look at five of the projects who have made it their business to be the blockchain & cryptocurrency solution for the cannabis industry. As the crypto/cannabis space develops more projects will emerge but these are the most known today. Data on these projects gathered from CoinMarketCap.com If you would like to… Read More

Tokes Platform: Bridging The Gap Between Cannabis & Cryptocurrency

In this video, I sit down with Michael Wagner Co-Founder & CEO of Tokes Platform. Tokes Platform was founded to solve the cannabis industry’s banking problem via cryptocurrency payments, the Tokes Platform also builds blockchain based “track and trace” solutions for supply chain management and integration to conventional enterprise software (ERP systems) for any industry.… Read More

Cannabis, Taxes & Stablecoins: A look at CA Bill AB-953

In this video, we look at CA Assembly Bill AB-953 which if passed, would allow Cannabis businesses to pay state and local taxes via Stablecoins. Full Text AB-953 Cannabis: state and local taxes: payment by digital asset http://bit.ly/2IMMQ7u If you enjoy my work, please consider donating through one of the following: Litecoin (LTC)  LYmx6pC1hp2U6XeUm3uiq2ufn5XtBZZSP5 Bitcoin (BTC)  1F9fRZoHAJmAEbnxrkezGfmM8ZSi9XTZrQ… Read More