Pornhub Goes Crypto with Allie Eve Knox Thank you for watching! Articles used in the episode: Decrypt: Pornhub: Now Accepting Crypto Only by Jason Nelson Timestamp: Intro: 0:00 – 0:50 Allie Eve Knox Interview 0:50 – 14:20 Follow Allie on Twitter: @allieeveknox Allie can also be found at If you would like to try for yourself, please use my referral link: For more content and articles, please go… Read More

In a replay of the 2010 incident when PayPal blocked users from sending funds to WikiLeaks, Paypal on Wednesday, November 13th 2019, removed access to receive payments to performers on the adult website There is the question of “why now?” Pornhub has used PayPal services for the better part of a decade. This may be PayPal’s attempt to get in front of the FTC’s COPPA rule if the conversation turns to payments…. Read More