Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? Does it Matter? with @CryptoStache

In this interview from CIS 2019 for Los Angeles Blockchain Week, I chat with CryptoStache as we discuss his time in Cryptocurrency, the HODL Masters Golf Tournament presented by Crypto Blockchain Plug and Melrose PR. We also discuss who is Satoshi Nakamoto and does it matter? For more on CryptoStache, visit his website: https://www.cryptostache.com and be sure to subscribe to the CryptoStache YouTube channel. If you would like to connect with CryptoStache on Twitter, he can be found @cryptostache


Talking Crypto with JR of Exciting World Cryptos

In this video, I sit down with JR of Exciting World Cryptos as we discuss Libra, Litecoin, Tron, Bitcoin Cash, Craig Wright, John McAfee and Crypto-mining in Iran. Visit JR online at http://www.newcodelogic.com and on twitter @excitingworld32