Silica Nexus: The Next Generation of VR Gaming

In this video, I chat with Jared of Silica Nexus as we discuss Virtual Reality, Gaming, Cross Platforming, IEOs, and Cryptocurrency. For more information following the links below: Silica Nexus: Facebook: Twitter: @silicanexus For more on the Droid Token: Convergence on LinkedIn: Silica Nexus Litepaper: Silica Nexus Whitepaper: The… Read More

Crypto Memes As Cultural Currency, A Chat with’s Scott Augustine

In this video, I sit down with Scott Augustine, Vice President of Operations for and the co-author of the RAE Token whitepaper. Today, we discuss the RAE Token, ICOs, Regulation, Streaming Platforms, Cryptocurrency and using memes as cultural currency in the Crypto Community.

How Blockchain Technology can help fight Wine fraud: In Vino Veritas/Vires In Numeris

As I said in a previous post, one of my favorite films on wine is the documentary Sour Grapes. A story of fraud and scandal in the world of wine and wine auctions. I won’t rehash that post here but simple it was the story of a man who passed fake wines off as authentic… Read More

How Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Technology Can Help Victims of Disasters.

As many in the space already know, there are many uses of Blockchain Technology. Banks and Corporations intend to use Blockchain to institute faster more secure transactions and to facilitate smart contracts. But how else can Blockchain be used? Civic uses Blockchain Technology to secure personal data to help in the fight against identity theft, by… Read More