Pornhub Goes Crypto with Allie Eve Knox Thank you for watching! Articles used in the episode: Decrypt: Pornhub: Now Accepting Crypto Only by Jason Nelson Timestamp: Intro: 0:00 – 0:50 Allie Eve Knox Interview 0:50 – 14:20 Follow Allie on Twitter: @allieeveknox Allie can also be found at If you would like to try for yourself, please use my referral link: For more content and articles, please go… Read More

Let’s Talk The YouTube Crypto Purge with Trekk In this episode, I chat with Crypto and Blockchain Advocate Trekk. We discuss the recent events known as the YouTube Purge or the YouTube Crypto Purge. Over the Christmas Holiday, several Crypto-related YouTube channels were given strikes by YouTube and sent messages that their content was taken down for being “harmful or dangerous”. It caused a massive commotion in the Crypto Content Creator space… Read More

In a May 24, 2019 opinion piece for the New York Times, technology investor and entrepreneur Heidi Messer wrote why we should stop fetishizing privacy. Messer made the case that wanting privacy and anonymity was old-fashioned and that demanding privacy may stifle innovation and job creation. Messer started the article by saying, “Media coverage of the threat to personal privacy from technology tends to follow a narrative in which privacy is a… Read More