In this talk, Dr. Kate Kingsbury and Dr. Andrew Chesnut discuss Santa Muerte and how the followers of Santa Muerte pray for protection and healing during the Coronavirus Pandemic. This material is used with permission from Dr. Andrew Chesnut and was edited for this video by the team at Exploration Arcanum. Dr. Kate Kingsbury is an Adjunct Professor of Anthropology at the University of Alberta, Canada. Dr. Kingsbury obtained her doctorate in… Read More

SOCIAL DISTANCING AND A DECENTRALIZED ECONOMY Thank you for watching! In this episode I chat with Hashoshi, host of the Hashoshi YouTube channel. We discuss how he became involved with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency as well as social distancing and the emerging decentralized economy. You can follow Hashoshi on Twitter @hashoshi4 and subscribe to the Hashoshi YouTube Channel: For more content and articles, please go to If you would like to… Read More

Tribalism, FUD & FOMO in Times of Trouble Thank you for watching! In this episode (filmed before the current market state) I speak with Grand Nagus #HODL of the Cryptomancy Podcast. We discuss Tribalism, Fear Uncertainty and Doubt and the Fear Of Missing Out that occurs in investing and crypto. The basis for the interview is an article that Grand Nagus wrote on FUD and FOMO – The Dark Side which… Read More