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Hi Guys, welcome back to the show, my guest today is Justin Banon CEO and co-founder of Boson Protocol. Boson Protocol is An Open Tokenized Economy for Commerce Boson Protocol enables a decentralized commerce ecosystem where all participants share in the value they create. Boson Protocol Links Official Website: https://bosonprotocol.io/ Social Media Twitter: https://twitter.com/BosonProtocol Telegram: https://t.me/bosonprotocol Medium: https://medium.com/bosonprotocol YouTube: https://bit.ly/2OMYB3c Equipment I use for my videos (support the channel by using our… Read More

In this episode, I chat with Michelle Ray of Permission.io as we discuss her involvement in the Cryptocurrency space and her experience with having her Twitter account highjacked and the lack of support she is receiving from Twitter to get it back.

In this clip from the upcoming interview, I chat with Michelle Ray, Director of Merchant Operations at Permission.io as we discuss Permission.io and e-commerce. For more, please visit permission.io and you can find Michelle on Twitter @ragnarsmate