Jason Nelson


BUILDING WEB3 APPS WITH MASKBOOK CREATOR SUJI YAN Thank you for watching! In this episode, I chat with the founder and CEO of Dimension, Suji Yan. In this discussion, we talk about privacy, Web3, and using Maskbook to send encrypted Twitter and Facebook posts as well as sending crypto via Twitter. You can read my Decrypt article on Maskbook and Gitcoin Grants here For more information on Maskbook, go to Maskbook.com You… Read More

HOW TO ENCRYPT TWEETS AND FACEBOOK POST WITH MASKBOOK Thank you for watching! In this episode, we look at the new browser extension Maskbook. With Maskbook you can encrypt tweets and Facebook posts as well as send crypto. For more on Maskbook go to Maskbook.com and for articles on the extension please see the following: https://decrypt.co/33024/an-new-easy-way-to-fund-gitcoin-grants-via-maskbook https://medium.com/@dimension_im/maskbook-okb-red-packet-campaign-f2fcf6ce4b06 https://decrypt.co/32298/maskbook-a-chinese-dev-builds-a-web3-trojan-horse-on-twitter-and-facebook For more content and articles, please go to https://cryptoinsightsjournal.com If you would like to… Read More