Bloodlines 2, the long-awaited sequel to the hit 2004 PC game Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines has been delayed until 2021. Attributing the delay to a high bar set and needing more time to hit that bar, Andy Kipling of Hardsuit Labs and Jakob Munthe of Paradox Interactive released a joint statement announcing the delay.  “Due to the quality bar and ambitions we have set for ourselves, we have made the difficult decision… Read More

New Dragonwolftech Channel Trailer Thank you for watching! I created this new trailer because I wanted to showcase the direction the channel is heading. While we will still cover Bitcoin and the crypto space, we will be adding gaming news and reviews as well as live streams and chats with members of the gaming and development space. I hope you enjoy the new trailer and will subscribe to the channel. Edited with… Read More

If you’ve recently logged into Apex Legends. You may have noticed a figure dancing behind the banners. As if she is toying with and stalking your Legend. This shadowy figure is Loba, the newest addition to the popular first-person shooter. Respawn Entertainment has yet to detail Loba’s abilities. What we do know is that she has ties to Revenant. Respawn recently released a trailer for Loba’s story, which you can view below…. Read More

Prize neXus the first Blockchain-based Digital Vending Machine by Silica NeXus In this episode, I chat with Jared Busby of Silica Nexus as we discuss the new project, Prize neXus. From the website: Prize neXus is the World’s First Blockchain-Based Digital Vending Machine! Vending Video Game Items as Prizes for your Redemption Counter! Prizes Your Players WANT! No Shrinkage, No DEAD inventory, No Stockroom Space Required! Follow Jared on twitter @tekgeekartfreak… Read More

Bitcoin | DeFi | Blockchain Gaming | Cryptocurrency Notice: Video used with permission. Subscribe to KryptosChain’s YouTube channel: In this episode, I chat with KryptosChain on his YouTube channel as we discuss Bitcoin, Decentralized Finance, Blockchain Gaming & Cryptocurrency. From KryptosChain’s YouTube: Credits to InsomniaX for the Intro and Outro template Youtube page: Check out KryptosChain’s Telegram Group if you wish to get in touch: Connect with KryptosChain on… Read More

In this video, I chat with Jared of Silica Nexus as we discuss Virtual Reality, Gaming, Cross Platforming, IEOs, and Cryptocurrency. For more information following the links below: Silica Nexus: Facebook: Twitter: @silicanexus For more on the Droid Token: Convergence on LinkedIn: Silica Nexus Litepaper: Silica Nexus Whitepaper: The Convergence Manifesto on for a great summary of the project.

In this video, I sit down with Keith Mukai, creator of Escape QR, a single player 8bit game built on the Lightning Network. We discuss the game, Bitcoin Conference 2019 and the broader Cryptocurrency space. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell so you don’t miss an episode. Thank you! You can find Escape QR at