Cyber Security Threats and Attacks with Kim Crawley In this video, I sit down with IT & Cyber Security expert Kim Crawley as we discuss IT, Cyber Security threats and attacks, Information Security (InfoSec) and Operational Security (OpSec), Malware, Cyber Attacks, and how they intersect with Cryptocurrency and protecting ourselves online. Visit these sites for more Kim Crawley Content: AT&T Cyber Security Tripwire BlackBerry ThreatVector Blog Kim is also the co-author… Read More

The Importance of Cybersecurity and Password Managers with Kim Crawley Thank you for watching, in our first episode, I chat with cybersecurity expert and writer Kim Crawley. Kim is co-author with Phillip Wylie of the upcoming book “The Pentester BluePrint,” which is available to pre-order on Help support Kim’s work and the channel by using our Amazon link: Timestamp 0:00 – 3:56 Kim’s background in tech 4:00 – 6:00 Malware,… Read More

Cyber Security in an Age of Social Media & IOT with Kim Crawley In this episode, I chat again with Cyber Security Expert Kim Crawley. We discuss the recent hack of the Amazon Ring cameras. Lawsuits against TikTok for privacy violations. We also discuss end-to-end encryption, burner email addresses. Visit these sites for more Kim Crawley Content: Kim can be found on Twitter @kim_crawley For more content… Read More