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BUILDING WEB3 APPS WITH MASKBOOK CREATOR SUJI YAN Thank you for watching! In this episode, I chat with the founder and CEO of Dimension, Suji Yan. In this discussion, we talk about privacy, Web3, and using Maskbook to send encrypted Twitter and Facebook posts as well as sending crypto via Twitter. You can read my Decrypt article on Maskbook and Gitcoin Grants here For more information on Maskbook, go to Maskbook.com You… Read More

HOW TO ENCRYPT TWEETS AND FACEBOOK POST WITH MASKBOOK Thank you for watching! In this episode, we look at the new browser extension Maskbook. With Maskbook you can encrypt tweets and Facebook posts as well as send crypto. For more on Maskbook go to Maskbook.com and for articles on the extension please see the following: https://decrypt.co/33024/an-new-easy-way-to-fund-gitcoin-grants-via-maskbook https://medium.com/@dimension_im/maskbook-okb-red-packet-campaign-f2fcf6ce4b06 https://decrypt.co/32298/maskbook-a-chinese-dev-builds-a-web3-trojan-horse-on-twitter-and-facebook For more content and articles, please go to https://cryptoinsightsjournal.com If you would like to… Read More

Crypto Mining, Privacy and Will Privacy Coins Replace Bitcoin? Thank you for watching! In this episode, I chat with Seth Estrada of the Mine Your Biz podcast and YouTube channel. We discuss crypto mining, privacy and will privacy coins replace bitcoin? Subscribe to Seth’s YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/3cFdk7o Follow Seth on Twitter @sethestrada If you would like to support the channel, please use my Cointr.ee link: https://cointr.ee/dragonwolftech Be sure to subscribe to the… Read More

By Jason Nelson Clearview AI is a facial recognition platform, created by Australian Technologist Hoan Ton. What troubles privacy advocates about Clearview AI is how it searches the internet for images of the person in question.  In 2020, we live online. You would be hard press to find a person under forty in the United States that does not have a Facebook page. In an article from the New York Times, “The… Read More

Let’s Talk Privacy, Surveillance and Edward Snowden with Naomi Brockwell In this episode, Naomi Brockwell returns to discuss privacy, surveillance, Edward Snowden, having her videos used in the classroom, and Crypto conferences that don’t pay in Crypto. Naomi Brockwell has been a strong advocate for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency for nearly as long as Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency have been in existence. Naomi produces a variety on content that focuses on Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and… Read More

Cyber Security in an Age of Social Media & IOT with Kim Crawley In this episode, I chat again with Cyber Security Expert Kim Crawley. We discuss the recent hack of the Amazon Ring cameras. Lawsuits against TikTok for privacy violations. We also discuss end-to-end encryption, burner email addresses. Visit these sites for more Kim Crawley Content: https://www.alienvault.com/blogs/ https://www.peerlyst.com/ https://www.tripwire.com/ https://threatvector.cylance.com/ https://hackernoon.com/ Kim can be found on Twitter @kim_crawley For more content… Read More

Here’s the difference between Privacy and Anonymity By Jason Nelson What is the difference between Privacy and Anonymity? This question lies at the heart of cryptocurrency and privacy advocates. Let’s start with a few definitions from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: Anonymous Of unknown authorship or origin Not named or identified Lacking individuality, distinction, or recognizability Privacy The quality or state of being apart from company or observation Freedom from unauthorized intrusion Satoshi Nakamoto,… Read More

In a previous article, In Defense of Privacy, I wrote that we should not fetishize privacy, we should demand privacy. While I stand by that, we run into the issue that most of our privacy is degraded and put at risk because we willingly and nonchalantly provide our data. I’m as guilty of this as anyone else so what can we do? Is it possible to get our data back? The short answer…no…. Read More

In this interview from Bitcoin Conference 2019 in San Francisco, CA Edward Snowden via video conference speaks on Bitcoin, Privacy, Freedom, and Operational Security.