Bitcoin Reparations and dominating Twitter with Hotep Jesus Thank you for watching! Welcome back to the show, my guest today is Bryan Sharpe aka Hotep Jesus. Bryan is the author of Unbreakable rules of masculinity and Dominate Twitter both I’ll link in the description below. He is the co-host of the Hotep BEEN Told You YouTube channel and the Love & Marriage with Crypto Wendy O. You’ll find links to his website… Read More

Bringing Black Faces to Tech Spaces with Pariss Athena Thank you for watching! In this episode, I chat with Pariss Athena creator of the hashtag #BlackTechTwitter​ and founder of the Black Tech Pipeline. We discuss bringing diversity and inclusion to technologies and how we can bring more women and people of color into tech. You can follow Pariss on Twitter: @parissathena and for more on the Black Tech Pipeline go to:… Read More

Are you looking for a reporter, writer and content creator with: Over three years of experience in content creation? Knowledge of the latest tech, tools and social media platforms? Hands-on experience and knowledge of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?  Excellent written and oral communication skills?  A passion to learn and improve as a content creator? If so, then look no further. Hello, my name is Jason Nelson.  My content focuses on Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrency,… Read More

Crypto Mining, Privacy and Will Privacy Coins Replace Bitcoin? Thank you for watching! In this episode, I chat with Seth Estrada of the Mine Your Biz podcast and YouTube channel. We discuss crypto mining, privacy and will privacy coins replace bitcoin? Subscribe to Seth’s YouTube channel: Follow Seth on Twitter @sethestrada If you would like to support the channel, please use my link: Be sure to subscribe to the… Read More

In this clip from the upcoming interview, I speak with Michelle Ray: Political Journalist, Blockchain Developer and Bitcoin Evangelist about her journey into Cryptocurrency as well as voting using Blockchain Technology. Michelle can be found on Twitter @ragnarsmate