SEC Files $1.3 Billion Lawsuit against XRP Creator Ripple Thank you for watching! If you like the music in the intro and outro you can find it on Lickd: Get Propaganda (Instrumental) by Some Velvet Morning here ID: rz4EPb69JDpGet this and other songs for your next YouTube video at Ethereum (ETH) Articles used in the episode:Decrypt:SEC Files $1.3 Billion Lawsuit against XRP Creator Ripple by Robert Stevens… Read More

Bitcoin smashes all-time high | Coinbase files IPO | Twitter may memorialize Hal Finney’s account Thank you for watching! XRP Articles used in the episode: What Coinbase Going Public Means for the Crypto Industry by Liam Frost Fold’s Plan to Make Bitcoin Go Mainstream by Scott Chipolina Twitter May Memorialize Bitcoin Pioneer Hal Finney’s Account by Shaurya Malwa Timestamp: Intro 0:00 – 0:30 Crypto News 0:30 –… Read More

PayPal sends Bitcoin’s Price Soaring Thank you for watching! From Decrypt: PayPal Launches Cryptocurrency Trading for All US Users by Robert Stevens If you would like to try for yourself, please use my referral link: For more content and articles, please go to If you would like to support the channel, please use my link: Be sure to subscribe to the channel by clicking… Read More

In this fireside chat from San Francisco Blockchain Week 2019, former CEO and co-founder of Ripple Labs, Chris Larsen speaks with Michael Arrington of Arrington XRP Capital discuss XRP, Bitcoin, and the future of payment solutions. About Chris Larsen: Chris Larsen is Executive Chairman of Ripple’s board of directors and former CEO and co-founder of Ripple. Prior to Ripple, Chris cofounded and served as CEO of Prosper, a peer-to-peer lending marketplace, and… Read More