HOW TO SYNC YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL TO LBRY Thank you for watching! In this episode, we look at how to sync a YouTube channel to so automatically upload content from YouTube to the Lbry Blockchain. If you would like to try Lbry for yourself, please use my Lbry link:$/invite/@JasonNelson:3 For more content and articles, please go to If you would like to support the channel, please use my… Read More

Tron, DLive, Youtube, EOS, and Twitter drama with Scott Cunningham In this episode, I join Scott Cunningham on his show, Crypto & Things to talk about various topics in the crypto and blockchain space. We cover LBRY, EOS, The DLive acquisition and many more. Come along with us on this journey as we explore these various topics. This is the first installment of Scott’s series for “Creator Corner” where he sits down… Read More

Let’s talk technical analysis and being a content creator with CryptoWendyO In this episode, I chat with CryptoWendyO. Topics we discuss include being a content creator, getting sponsors the crypto market, music, stereotypes, mental health and twitter drama. For more information on Wendy’s meetup schedule, go to You can follow Wendy on Twitter @cryptowendyo For more content and interviews, please go to Follow me on Twitter @dragonwolftech

Save Your Video Content from YouTube with Lbry In this episode, I chat with Jeremy Kauffman, Founder, and CEO of Lbry. Lbry is a decentralized streaming platform that allows users to sync their YouTube channels to Lbry, those videos after being published on YouTube will then publish on Lbry automatically. To sync your YouTube channel with Lbry go to and follow the steps to claim your channel. Follow Jeremy of Twitter… Read More

Let’s Talk Crypto with Lea Thompson aka Girl Gone Crypto In this episode, I chat with Lea Thompson aka Girl Gone Crypto. We discuss Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Proof of Keys, Exchanges, Content Creation and bringing more women into Crypto. You can follow Lea on Twitter @girlgone_crypto and subscribe to her channel through the links in this video. For more information on the Free Ross campaign, please go to and for more content,… Read More

Let’s Talk The YouTube Crypto Purge with Trekk In this episode, I chat with Crypto and Blockchain Advocate Trekk. We discuss the recent events known as the YouTube Purge or the YouTube Crypto Purge. Over the Christmas Holiday, several Crypto-related YouTube channels were given strikes by YouTube and sent messages that their content was taken down for being “harmful or dangerous”. It caused a massive commotion in the Crypto Content Creator space… Read More